Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last week Kayla decided to try out for American Idol....

the night before tryouts. This is her friend Jana. Her and Kayla were on a couple of news stations, mostly just acting like they didnt know they were on TV.

This was Kaylas "do I really have to keep this wristband dry for 3 days" look. After they registered on Wednesday they had to keep the wristband dry and free from damage until Friday.

Friday, her Thomas, Jana and Leslie headed over for the auditions
They went in these little boothe's and sang a 30 second piece for one judge.

Although these talented ladies didnt make it to the true judges - they enjoyed the excitement and the experience. I was so glad Kayla finally went and hope she trys out again. I wanna go with her next time! (and I told her "next time lets go for crazy and then you can knock em dead with your voice after you make it to Simon" Its either that, or wear a bikini and thats been so done by about 1/2 the audience)

This Music is what brings the biggest smile at the Guttery house.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


This year we tagged along with the Palmers and a couple of their friends and the Hancocks joined us in a beach house in Rocky Point.
The waves were great and the water warm, but nothing is better than some extra large coloring books and........

non-stop Spongebob! (The Hancock and Guttery kids have been deprived from TV, so this was a true vacation for them)

Alli won the award for the "Waterdog". She was rarely seen out of the water.

This is Mason getting a good sunblock rubdown, under protest.

Tessa had a severe chaffing problem, cant figure out why?

Wedgie Queen...

McKenna was in heaven with all the girls her age.

Breea got to know Landons girlfriend Abbie and they became good friends. Mason was the photographer.

Our shopping trip almost caused additions to the family until the lady that handed us the dogs said "I have sprayed them all for flees, but we cant spray their faces so that's why there are so many flees on their faces" HURRY - Take the picture!

Brennon looks like a native above and below.

The shell collector
We kind of ended the trip on a bad note. Amy was already a little worried about Mexico and then we take her down town - not only was she nervous, she was a little nauseous after smelling these....

We head to the closest restaurant and it was like a stinkin sauna. If it looks like anyone is happy in any of these next pictures - theyre not.

We should have listened to Alli, who advised us to do subway and Thrifty ice cream. We did grab a thrifty on the way out. Good thing, cause we had a two hour wait at the border and we needed a little nourishment before the vendors started bombarding our cars with tortillas, crucifixes, beef jerky, tamales, turtles and everything except (in Garretts point of view, a toilet and a coke)

It was a great trip and we are so glad the Hancocks went with us. Thanks for putting up with the crazy Guttery Girls. Here are a few other great memories of Mexico:

Creepy Stalker Dude (Kayla thought dad assigned a "creepy stalker dude" to watch over her while we were gone)

homemade tortillas

"Less food - more sleep" (Brennons slogan when he runs for President)

Pool Hopping

warm chocolate chip cookies

Canasta's (Anyone wanna play?)



glowing kids (thanks to Allies b-day bracelets)

new friends

saying "no thanks" a billion times on the beach

melting creamsicles

Tessa and Mason being best friends

banana muffins

The cutest redhead boy on the planet (even though he does chuck Tabasco sauce over the balcony at unsuspecting by standers)

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Tamee's in town and thats reason to party. Kristal came down so we could all be together. Lunch was great at Brio's. I have the bestest sisters in the world and wish we could lunch every week. Look at skinny Kristal. She has lost a ton of weight. Baby Taryn was a little boozer, but you gotta love her.

That night after "meet the teacher" we headed to DipnDots for Masons B-day. Try the Smore Dipndots. Amazing

The yellow team pulled out the big guns...
Brown and blue team went for cute....
But Black team was extra...............weird
McKenzie, Mikie and Breea are now members of the 40 below club. (once a month you get a free dipndot - cool)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

23 Years!

April, Jen and I started my anniversary off with a nice pedicure...

Mine are the chubby, gnarly toes...

We ate dinner at Kona, where Tracey and Bill made me try sushi. Again.

(still gags me) I opt for steak, salmon and avocado egg rolls!

We dont get to see Paula and Tracey even close to as much as we would like to, so that made the anniversary dinner even better!

With the rains, we also were able to take on all the water from the subdivision to the west of us thanks to poor engineering on their behalf. So the muddy water has been a piece of heaven for the neighborhood kids.

When we came home from dinner there was a field full of teens playing mud football. Cant see it well, but I was quite impressed with Breeas tackling and being tackled ability.

Then they all hit the pool where the girls, once again, showed their feminine side. Breea and Jaminson ruled in chicken fighting.

No, the pool really isnt green, its just a lovely shade of "algae"
Bill ended up in the pool, clothes on, again.
It was a great day and night. We dont really make too much of our anniversary, we usually forget them. (When your married FOREVER, why count?) I just feel blessed daily for the husband Bill is to me. Once again, "fair" doesnt happen in this life. But Im grateful Bill just puts up with me anyway and he almost seems happy to. I love you more than I ever have, my sweet man!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July - Joe City Style

Starts off with the kids bike parade....

Followed by the grand entrance of the hospital helicopter.....

on to the "Annual National Joseph City Horse Shoe Tournament"

where dad and Bill Won again (for the 5th year!)

Next was the three man V-ball tournament.....

Where the Hatch team got their booties beat....

All kinds of characters come from J.C., but not as whacked out as my pa (I can call him pa when he wears that hat)

This is a look only to be seen on the 4th....
Hanging with the family eating the bbq....

Slip and slide......

A couple I sat up on a date and they've been married over twenty years!
Cotton Candy....

the three musketeers helping serve at the lunch......

Little video of the chicken catching contest.

Not pictured: Ice cream churning contest where the Soloman boys were Kayla and my biggest competition, carnival booths, auction, bake sale, Holbrook card games, Guttery girls mind reading the boys and the ever lovin Holbrook Fireworks!


  • 4/12 Shayna - I said "I really want to buy that table but I dont know where I would put it" (been buying used furniture that I want to redo and its been cluttering up the garage. Shayna said in her sweet inocent voice "you can put it in the garage?"
  • 4/12 - Tessa "Mom, you know what I dont like about mornings? - the sun!"
  • 4/12 - Shayna got her braces a couple of weeks ago and her teeth are starting to go together and she said "Im gonna miss my gap" and she was seriously sad - she wont get to squirt water through her teeth.
  • 3/12 Breea again..... "Mom, I thought it was Lack toesintolerant and I was lacking the toesintolerant, until I read the label"
  • 3/12 Breea was talking about college and she said "In my siriculum (curriculum), I have to take physicology (psychology)"
  • 3/12 - Tessa said - I want to take the "long cut" (instead of the short cut)
  • 3/12 When tucking Shayna and Tessa in Shayna said "You dont have to worry, I set out all your clothes for school tomorrow" - Very Shayna
  • 11/10 When Kayla was little she should always cover her eyes when we went by a graveyard.
  • 4/10 Dont want to forget that Shayna calls the pools water fall a waderfoddle. She also called Aunt Kay, Uncle Kay??? McKenna got grandpa mixed up when she was little and called him "Bunka"
  • 3/10 For some reason, our family forgets the rules to Mexican rummy, shang hi and ALOT of card games, so last Sunday we just delt cards and everyone played whatever rule they wanted. The game lasted about 4 minutes, but we all won!
  • 2/10 I was going to work in Tessas class and she said "Mom, what if you mess up" and I told her I would try not to, but the next thing I know she is asking me if I will pray with her and ask Heavenly Father to help me not mess up. She prayed, and I didnt mess up! (all papers were copied a colated correctly)
  • 3/10 McKenna saying what she liked about Brennon on his Birthday "I like your style and your swager"
  • 12/09 Tessa went to the girls play and said "Willy wonka is hot"
  • 12/09 Kayla has a slight ring worm problem and if you try to hug her she says "OK, but your gonna get all wormy"
  • 12/09 Tessa has been adding Sophia in every prayer including the blessing and this is what she says "Please bless that Sophia will feel better in no time" and her blessing tonight was "Please bless that none of the kids singing on the truck will fall out" - Shes a great prayer
  • 12/09 Tessa said "Mom, I think Im on Santas Bad list" I said "probably not, why are you worried about it?" Tessa "I really dont like coal"
  • 02/09 I asked McKenna if she had taken a shower and she said "I took one, but it didnt work"
  • 11/08 Shayna said "I wish we could have quads like the Poulsens and Jensens, but were too unrich"
  • 10/08 I was bringing Breea home from school and she asked "Can I do my jobs tomorrow? I asked why and she said "If you were to take all the headaches in the world and put them together - thats my headache" DRAMA
  • 10/08 Tessa hands me the camera as we are walking out the door and says "You better take this in case I do something cute"
  • 9/08 Shayna was about 5 and she was giving dad a message and he said "thats a deep tissue message" she said "hold on" and left and came back with toilet paper and stuffed it down his shirt and said "I want to give you a deep tissue message"
  • 8/08 Tessa after hearing some of Kaylas guy friends talk has picked up a new saying "Girls are the devil" - nice.
  • 8/08 As I was carpooling I asked Bailee who she wanted to marry, she said Dallin. Shayna said "Well he is cute mom, no offense"
  • Kayla - She says almost on a daily basis "This will be the last time........" Whether its someone moving, leaving on a mission, the last two weeks before graduation, etc.....
  • Brennon - Whenever he does something he knows we dont like or accidently steps on a toe or runs into someone, he just puts his hand up, smiles and says "high five" You gotta love it
  • Danica - Classic saying "Asians are geneous's"
  • Tessa - 6/08 At the doctors office he was looking in her sore ear and noticed there was still a stitch left in her eyebrow and proceeded to take it out while I was holding her down. She screamed really loud, looked at the doctor and said "I am NOT loving this"
  • Shayna 4/08 She came running in the house, grabed a dress and started heading back out the door to go to Nathaniels baptism. I said "Hey, come back we have to do your hair" She said "No, I dont want to be pretty for Nathaniel" Sure enough, when Bailee and Taryn came over they had their hair perfectly curled, cutest dresses and their shoes matched their dresses (unlike Shaynas)
  • McKenna 4/08 - I had the best dream last night. Mom: What about? McKenna: Snickerdoodles.
  • McKenna and Brennon - 4/08 McKenna: I want to put light blue hightlights in my hair like Klowd 9 - Brennon: I want Lypo.
  • Breea - 4/08 (In a very dramatic manner) "My coach almost killed us today, a few of us threw up, some passed out, she wanted to kill us. I almost threw up."
  • Tessa - 4/08 Talking to Grandma said "The Easter Monster leaves me lipstick under my pillow"
  • Shayna = 4/08 Kayla called from a show but couldnt talk. She said she would call at intermission. Shayna heard me say this and said "Kaylas in her mission?"
  • McKenna - 4/08 "Mom your not fashionable, but you can grow into fashion. It just takes about a month"
  • Kayla - 4/08 Mom said "Its crazy how I have two batches of girls, the older set and the younger" Kayla - "Im glad we could be your test batch"
  • Tessa 4/08 "Brodey - Lets get this party started"
  • Shayna 3/08 I asked her what she did at the gym daycare center she said "I just cleaned things and organized them"
  • Breea 3/08 While saying a prayer at Grandma and Grandpa Hatchs, she says "Bless the Hatchs". Her grandparents were wondering if she even knew she was their granddaughter.
  • McKenna 2/08 Mom, dont buy meat or sugar, Im turning vetrenarian.
  • Tessa 2/08 Mom: Tessa, your such a good girl. Tessa: I dont say stupid or do bad sings.
  • Tessa 1/08 - She was getting chewed on by the puppy and she was half-laughing saying "Are you evil or not evil?"
  • Shayna (6 years old) - She was mesaging dads back and he said "little harder, I need a deep tissue rub" So she went into the bathroom and got a handfull of toilet paper and stuffed down his shirt (deep tissue)
  • Shayna, 11/12/07 Mom: Shayna, say your prayers and thank Heavenly Father for all your blessings. Shayna (super tired): Thats so much. Do I have to thank him for ALL of them right now?
  • Some of our favorite word to call each other when gas is passed: POOPER MCGOOPER, FARTER MCGARTER, FLUFFER MCGUFFER, CRAPPER MCGRAPPER, AND TOOTER MCGOOTER
  • Danica (2) Yepadottado
  • Tessa (3) "Mom, I luz you and you luz me - weez luverz"
  • Tessa (3) - "Youz fweekn naughty" Mom "Who taught you that?" Tess "yo mom" (Thanks older sisters)
  • Breea 3 years - We have lots of gerds in our famie.
  • Tessa 2 years - Yoooz funny!
  • Tessa would often take off her shoes at church and when we asked her why she kept taking them off she said "my feet are grumpy". I guess it was better than Shayna at that age not wearing underwear to church (many times) We finally had to start doing panty checks before church.
  • Tessa (3) thirteen, fourteen, five-teen
  • McKenna (10 in a couple of weeks) - Mom, please let me go in with you. Mom - why. Mckenna - I saw a sign that said "criminal on the loose" Mom - I promise not to go in, I'll just talk to her at the door. McKenna - Im gonna roll down my window and watch you *tears bubbling up in her eyes. Mom to friend - Is there a sign that says "criminal on the loose" in your neighborhood? Friend - No, just "crime watch" neighborhood sign.
  • Kip, Kip, Kurray!
  • Tessa said "Can you take my brain off" and I asked her why, and she said "Its really so tight" 8/9/07
  • "sorry your such a looser" *pointer finger used as a puppet - McKenna (5)
  • Grandma Guttery was showing Shayna (4) a picture of me pregnant with her and Grandma said "Thats you inside your mamas belly" and Shayna said "She ate me?"
  • I need some Wotion on my Weggs - Tessa 3
  • Guess what guys? If you put the milk back in the refrigerator it will stay cold. - Kayla 17
  • Kayla - 4/08 Mom said "Its crazy how I have two batches of girls, the older set and the younger" Kayla - "Im glad we could be your test batch"