Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I got in trouble last Tuesday for letting the "Temple" cat out of the bag too early. Im taking my chances that this is OK. Im just really excited!!! GILBERT TEMPLE ARTIST RENDITION

The 10-acre site selected for the Gilbert Arizona Temple is located near the Loop 202 on the southeast corner of Greenfield Road and Pecos Road.
Every other Thursday I get with some girls and we do some canning. Its been really fun and makes me feel slightly domestic. Some of the things we've canned are: chicken, ground beef, green chili pork, cafe rio pork, pinto beans, chili beans, stew, apple pie filling, peaches, pears and this week we are canning cakes in a jar!

I told Kayla I was canning cookies, raisins, chocolate chips, coconut and candy. She said "Oh, you must have canned everything there is to can if your resorting to this" Not really, but I love looking at delicious food in jars because the meats look like a science project.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are you a Twighlight Fan?

Check out the making of the movie coming out 12/12/08

Thanks for the link Charlene!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Q. What does a Mormon get when he gets kicked out of the church???

A. Weekends off and a 10% raise.

Someone told Bill this on the golfcourse today.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Look whos 18!!!

Kayla is the most unique person I know. I was just telling a friend how she could room with anyone because she has so many personalities - not in a bad way. She can be crazy, fun and a show-off, or quiet, thoughtful and spiritual. Kayla can talk to ANYONE and has no problem doing it in front of crowds of over a thousand. She is so motivated and has BIG dreams that I can see her fulfilling. Her strong desire to be righteous is an example to all of us - she stays away from bad influences and isnt afraid to be called the goodie-goodie. Im so blessed to have her in my life. She is a joy EVERY DAY!

After enjoying a night at home with no kids and a clean house, I brought the idea up to Kayla "Why dont you take the kids up and visit Grandma and Grandpa. I could really get some projects done?" She said in her Iceage sloth voice "No thanks, I choose life".

I just wanted to throw on some pictures of Kaylas favorite people.

Above: Gary, Colton, Justin and Zach - Below: Lauren and Christopher
The whole Mesa boy gang!

Last Sunday, after sneaking two kit kat bars from the bishops office, I went out to my car to gracefully shove them in my mouth before attending Sunday School. The timing was perfect. I saw Kaylas car doing the parking lot loop, so I called her from my cell. The conversation went something like this: M: Kayla, where are you? K: Driving around in the church parking lot with Mal. M: I know, I can see you. K: You want me to pick you up? M: No, I want you to park and go to Sunday School. K: OK, Mal just got home and met a new guy and wanted to fill me in. M: (As we are walking into the church) You two can talk after church, dont miss Sunday school. K: I dont need to go, Im already religiously inclined???? This is Mallory, Breea, Kayla and Rachel from last summer at camp.

I could throw so many more pictures on, but she is graduating in a month, so I'll save a few, just had to throw one of our favorites on below. Happy Birthday Kayla, and thanks for putting so much excitement, spirituality and laughter in our lives.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


We have to get a new license plate for the new car. You can only have 7 letters. Here are some we are putting in for and some of them will be taken so I need to go with a good list, so if you have some that fit our family or if you like one of these better than another please COMMENT - thanks.










Do you like any of these or do you have one for us???

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tessa started her morning out with.....

Breea asking her why her bed was wet and she said "Sorry. I was sleeping when I was peeing"

We have rule in our house that if you see "Brodey poo" you have to pick it up. Well, she told Breea that she thinks she smelled some and so Breea followed her to the basement and then Tessa put her hands over her eyes, pointed and said "I dont see any, but I think its over there".

She was telling us a story and got the hick-ups and stopped the story and said "sorry, Im hicking up"

Thanks Tessa. You make us laugh at least hourly.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Grandpa turns 67 - WOW!

(Picture: by Kristal Mulder)
I feel so lucky to have such an amazing dad. He was perfect for me and always makes me feel special. I use to tease everyone that I was his favorite. And Ive had a couple of people tell me that I remind them of him, and thats a big compliment, in my eyes. Speaking of eyes, I think that Tessa got Grandpas eyes.

I dont feel like he's that old, but OLD he is. We made a list of 101 things we love about him this Christmas and here is about half of them.


Girl Dad


Friend to all

Nigeriger (can we say that)

Duct tape engineer

Computer Guru

“Meyers Butt”


“Well, I’ll Swear” (no you wont dad)

Political analyst

Funeral speaker


Sacrament meeting poet


Insect protector

Stump speaker


Constitution backer




Pencil whipper

Pool shark

Computer guru

Pawn broker

Navajo speaker

Quarter collector

Gang member

Pocket o’ money

Safe master

Gun collector

Town walker

Dog lover

Shabby collector

Christmas Lights Winner

National J.C. Horseshoe co-champ






Trash man

TEMPLE worker

Wanna be mechanic


Bishopric member


Retirement saver

Caring brother

Computer poker addict

“big hunks”

If you want a good laugh, read this, in the accent (axent) Kayla requires.

She rarely posts, so Ive decided to put a plug in for her:-)

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Last night I farmed the kids out for the night (we dont do sleep-overs so this was a big deal for them too). I wanted to have Bill for the night and I knew we didnt have a vacation for just the two of us planned, so we had an over-nighter at our own home. We went out shopping for a suit for his birthday and ended up getting him a suit, tie, shirt, shoes, extra pants and shorts. I got flip-flops. Then we grabbed some dinner, stopped and grabbed some plants to plant today and headed home where the house was just like we left it! That was weird. We had a little one-on-one time with Brodey because I forgot to farm him out too, had a little ice cream and watched what ever we wanted. The night was great, and strange. This morning I got up the same time as normal 5:45! I cant help it - it's that dang mental alarm in my head. Bill was already outside working on his yard, his true love. No noise or movement in the house, things still like they were last night and I should have wanted to clean or get something done while I could make a dent in the house. But alas, NO, I am here on the computer writing about the strangeness that is......... an empty house.

Best Investment of the Year!

We've been trying to be consistant with scripture reading for 21 years with our family and THESE DVDS have been the reason for one of our best Book of Mormon reads ever. Its so simple, words that are followed with a yellow highlighting as the narrator reads. Theres something about his voice that helps you understand so much better than reading out loud in the family. I am a firm believer that reading out loud helps the childrens reading skills, but I've decided to give them extra reading time in bed in lue of them allowing this dvd to help us enjoy whats being read. We get through about 4 pages in about 10 minutes AND we usually understand it!~ My kids usually dont want to stop because by then its a story that needs to keep going. BIG BLESSING, had to share!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It'll run its course and then you die!

Bill's big saying is "it'll run its course". Whether its his torn Rotater Cuffs on both sides (only to be fixed with surgery) or we are talking about his high cholesterol. When we ask what he's gonna do about it he says "It'll run its course". When he says it when it comes to being sick, pain of any kind or just annoying things, it really is true and a good way to look at things. My response when he says it and it is something that he needs to see a doctor, is "and then you die". It may look like I am the pessimist and he's the optimist, but I consider myself the "Reality Checker". That is where the term of "Dream Crusher" comes into play. When the girls come up with some cockamamie idea (not feasible) and I shoot it down or modify it they call me the Dream Crusher. So trying to regain their respect I decided to call myself the Reality Checker. I think Im pretty good at letting alot of things slide, doing crazy things and letting them be adventurous most of the time, but there are those things like: "When I get my drivers license me and Sara and Racheal are going to California for the weekend" ~ uh, reality check - NO or "Can the boys jump off the roof into the pool?" (which is about 10 feet from the pool) ~ yep, Im a Dream Crusher.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Last night we had FHE at Chili's

Tessa entertained us with her t.p. headband.

This is the last of the Happy Birthday Bill dinners.

Then Kayla was off to Mesa for a farewell to another Mesa boy. Gary leaves tomorrow and it looks like this will be the last hug and baseball cap for a couple of years.

Here are a couple of shots from earlier in the week. Shayna and Bailey

Cousin Lunch - missed all those who couldnt come

Came home after cousin lunch to find Tessa asleep in Brodeys bed.

He was asking me if he could sleep in her bed now?

Saturday night we went to dinner for the April B-days and dad pulled out some photos from his wallet that he's kept for about 35 years. My camera went dead after this shot so I didnt catch them all, but Kristals camera caught a few more. Oh how I miss my Farrah Fawcett hair.

Loved having Bethany there.

Dad, Paula and Tracey

Young couples at the end of the table mocking their Elders.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Right on the heals of Bills birthday is my sister, Randas birthday

Randa is the adorable baby on my sexy mamma's lap. (and yes, thats me with the stylin bouffant, Jelous???)

Hate this picture of me, (Im laughing at some random bug on the floor that no one else noticed) but Randa looks so cute. She's the middle girl, which I cant decide if its better or worse than being the second daughter?

Randa is just a few years younger than me. I have many memories of growing up with her, but everyone remembers that she was the sweet one. She never caused a wave and always looked like an angle too. She served a mission and met an amazing guy from her mission. They have 6 seriously adorable children (not just being partial - they are gorgeous). I only wish I could spend more time with her. She is fun, talented, giving, a great mom and wife, ambitious, thoughtful and so much more. I am grateful daily for her influence in my life. Im a lucky sister.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Heres a Birthday Present for Bill

I wish I would have got on this sooner, but I need some help out there. Most of you know Bill so if you can think of any one liners or one word that describes Bill - I want to add from friends and family and show him on Monday - THANKS!

101 things we love about bill

Creme Brule'
Billy Joe Ray Bob
"I gotta bad sniffer"
Sweetest man ever!

Energizer Bunny
"You gotta meet those guys, they are the best"
Willards Boy
ASU Graduate

Sunglasses Looser
Wife Pleaser
Pleasant Morning Person
White Trucks

"Im Sorry"
Life Lover
Easy going

Sunblock Forgetter
To know Bill is to love Bill
Always funny
Annual Girls Camp Attendee
Sensitive Ears and Toes

Project Creator and helper
Committed to Everything he does
"Guys and Dolls"
Monthly Garage Cleaner

Savers Shopper
"Knuckle Head"
Glitter hater
card player

Boogie Boarder
"What the"
Love-Hate Relationship with Brodey

Make is happen man
Mormon Tabernacle Choir lover
"This guy is a Stud"

Vacation Building Explorer
Deathbed Night talker
"We've got a campin trailer"

"Lets talk about hiking"
Tire Man
"He*#s Bells"
Great Provider
"Give me 5 minutes" (nap)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


It all started with the car ride. How did I end up in the back? We all took turns (except I dont remember Danica in the back for more that 10 minutes, she also didnt ride in the front, so I guess its all fair) Bill was awesome, driving the whole way up and back. We borrowed a coffin laguage carrier for the top of the car and now and then it made a loud buzzing like a "angry swarm of bees" or "a jet engine taking off". The ride up consisted of Boggle, "The devil wears prada", stop for gas and food, Yahtzee, sleep, "the office", stop for food and potty, Book of Mormon on DVD, sleep, stop for gas and food, sleep, and land in lovely Page, Arizona to sleep in a one bedroom, two queen bedroom. We said family prayers and not another word was said (except for Danica laughing in her sleep saying "thats hilarious" - I miss her sleep-talking)

We stopped at BYU and had lunch at the amazing Cougar-eat! Then I ran into a big find in the basement of the BYU Bookstore and bought as much as Bill would let me bring home (only because I saved him hundreds)

When we got to the Tingeys Utah house this was the sight in their backyard. Brennon wanted to catch them - so we had to keep a close eye on him. Amanda was so great on this trip letting us take over her house, feeding us, going places with us, driving us places, listening to us sing ALL THE TIME (I guess thats not normal). She even put up with a few spills - Bill falling asleep with a coke in his hand, Danica squeezing one of those crazy jelly filled balls only to have it explode all over me, the couch and the floor. Not to mention some unmentionable messes.

Then we were off to Temple Square which was about 10 minutes away, whilst Dani and Brennon went to his mission reunion.

Breea took some great shots that she put on her blog.

We went on top of the J.S. Bldg. and eat at the Garden Room. Breea got way excited about the desserts.

We finished the night with watching the Joseph Smith movie in the Legacy Theatre.


  • 4/12 Shayna - I said "I really want to buy that table but I dont know where I would put it" (been buying used furniture that I want to redo and its been cluttering up the garage. Shayna said in her sweet inocent voice "you can put it in the garage?"
  • 4/12 - Tessa "Mom, you know what I dont like about mornings? - the sun!"
  • 4/12 - Shayna got her braces a couple of weeks ago and her teeth are starting to go together and she said "Im gonna miss my gap" and she was seriously sad - she wont get to squirt water through her teeth.
  • 3/12 Breea again..... "Mom, I thought it was Lack toesintolerant and I was lacking the toesintolerant, until I read the label"
  • 3/12 Breea was talking about college and she said "In my siriculum (curriculum), I have to take physicology (psychology)"
  • 3/12 - Tessa said - I want to take the "long cut" (instead of the short cut)
  • 3/12 When tucking Shayna and Tessa in Shayna said "You dont have to worry, I set out all your clothes for school tomorrow" - Very Shayna
  • 11/10 When Kayla was little she should always cover her eyes when we went by a graveyard.
  • 4/10 Dont want to forget that Shayna calls the pools water fall a waderfoddle. She also called Aunt Kay, Uncle Kay??? McKenna got grandpa mixed up when she was little and called him "Bunka"
  • 3/10 For some reason, our family forgets the rules to Mexican rummy, shang hi and ALOT of card games, so last Sunday we just delt cards and everyone played whatever rule they wanted. The game lasted about 4 minutes, but we all won!
  • 2/10 I was going to work in Tessas class and she said "Mom, what if you mess up" and I told her I would try not to, but the next thing I know she is asking me if I will pray with her and ask Heavenly Father to help me not mess up. She prayed, and I didnt mess up! (all papers were copied a colated correctly)
  • 3/10 McKenna saying what she liked about Brennon on his Birthday "I like your style and your swager"
  • 12/09 Tessa went to the girls play and said "Willy wonka is hot"
  • 12/09 Kayla has a slight ring worm problem and if you try to hug her she says "OK, but your gonna get all wormy"
  • 12/09 Tessa has been adding Sophia in every prayer including the blessing and this is what she says "Please bless that Sophia will feel better in no time" and her blessing tonight was "Please bless that none of the kids singing on the truck will fall out" - Shes a great prayer
  • 12/09 Tessa said "Mom, I think Im on Santas Bad list" I said "probably not, why are you worried about it?" Tessa "I really dont like coal"
  • 02/09 I asked McKenna if she had taken a shower and she said "I took one, but it didnt work"
  • 11/08 Shayna said "I wish we could have quads like the Poulsens and Jensens, but were too unrich"
  • 10/08 I was bringing Breea home from school and she asked "Can I do my jobs tomorrow? I asked why and she said "If you were to take all the headaches in the world and put them together - thats my headache" DRAMA
  • 10/08 Tessa hands me the camera as we are walking out the door and says "You better take this in case I do something cute"
  • 9/08 Shayna was about 5 and she was giving dad a message and he said "thats a deep tissue message" she said "hold on" and left and came back with toilet paper and stuffed it down his shirt and said "I want to give you a deep tissue message"
  • 8/08 Tessa after hearing some of Kaylas guy friends talk has picked up a new saying "Girls are the devil" - nice.
  • 8/08 As I was carpooling I asked Bailee who she wanted to marry, she said Dallin. Shayna said "Well he is cute mom, no offense"
  • Kayla - She says almost on a daily basis "This will be the last time........" Whether its someone moving, leaving on a mission, the last two weeks before graduation, etc.....
  • Brennon - Whenever he does something he knows we dont like or accidently steps on a toe or runs into someone, he just puts his hand up, smiles and says "high five" You gotta love it
  • Danica - Classic saying "Asians are geneous's"
  • Tessa - 6/08 At the doctors office he was looking in her sore ear and noticed there was still a stitch left in her eyebrow and proceeded to take it out while I was holding her down. She screamed really loud, looked at the doctor and said "I am NOT loving this"
  • Shayna 4/08 She came running in the house, grabed a dress and started heading back out the door to go to Nathaniels baptism. I said "Hey, come back we have to do your hair" She said "No, I dont want to be pretty for Nathaniel" Sure enough, when Bailee and Taryn came over they had their hair perfectly curled, cutest dresses and their shoes matched their dresses (unlike Shaynas)
  • McKenna 4/08 - I had the best dream last night. Mom: What about? McKenna: Snickerdoodles.
  • McKenna and Brennon - 4/08 McKenna: I want to put light blue hightlights in my hair like Klowd 9 - Brennon: I want Lypo.
  • Breea - 4/08 (In a very dramatic manner) "My coach almost killed us today, a few of us threw up, some passed out, she wanted to kill us. I almost threw up."
  • Tessa - 4/08 Talking to Grandma said "The Easter Monster leaves me lipstick under my pillow"
  • Shayna = 4/08 Kayla called from a show but couldnt talk. She said she would call at intermission. Shayna heard me say this and said "Kaylas in her mission?"
  • McKenna - 4/08 "Mom your not fashionable, but you can grow into fashion. It just takes about a month"
  • Kayla - 4/08 Mom said "Its crazy how I have two batches of girls, the older set and the younger" Kayla - "Im glad we could be your test batch"
  • Tessa 4/08 "Brodey - Lets get this party started"
  • Shayna 3/08 I asked her what she did at the gym daycare center she said "I just cleaned things and organized them"
  • Breea 3/08 While saying a prayer at Grandma and Grandpa Hatchs, she says "Bless the Hatchs". Her grandparents were wondering if she even knew she was their granddaughter.
  • McKenna 2/08 Mom, dont buy meat or sugar, Im turning vetrenarian.
  • Tessa 2/08 Mom: Tessa, your such a good girl. Tessa: I dont say stupid or do bad sings.
  • Tessa 1/08 - She was getting chewed on by the puppy and she was half-laughing saying "Are you evil or not evil?"
  • Shayna (6 years old) - She was mesaging dads back and he said "little harder, I need a deep tissue rub" So she went into the bathroom and got a handfull of toilet paper and stuffed down his shirt (deep tissue)
  • Shayna, 11/12/07 Mom: Shayna, say your prayers and thank Heavenly Father for all your blessings. Shayna (super tired): Thats so much. Do I have to thank him for ALL of them right now?
  • Some of our favorite word to call each other when gas is passed: POOPER MCGOOPER, FARTER MCGARTER, FLUFFER MCGUFFER, CRAPPER MCGRAPPER, AND TOOTER MCGOOTER
  • Danica (2) Yepadottado
  • Tessa (3) "Mom, I luz you and you luz me - weez luverz"
  • Tessa (3) - "Youz fweekn naughty" Mom "Who taught you that?" Tess "yo mom" (Thanks older sisters)
  • Breea 3 years - We have lots of gerds in our famie.
  • Tessa 2 years - Yoooz funny!
  • Tessa would often take off her shoes at church and when we asked her why she kept taking them off she said "my feet are grumpy". I guess it was better than Shayna at that age not wearing underwear to church (many times) We finally had to start doing panty checks before church.
  • Tessa (3) thirteen, fourteen, five-teen
  • McKenna (10 in a couple of weeks) - Mom, please let me go in with you. Mom - why. Mckenna - I saw a sign that said "criminal on the loose" Mom - I promise not to go in, I'll just talk to her at the door. McKenna - Im gonna roll down my window and watch you *tears bubbling up in her eyes. Mom to friend - Is there a sign that says "criminal on the loose" in your neighborhood? Friend - No, just "crime watch" neighborhood sign.
  • Kip, Kip, Kurray!
  • Tessa said "Can you take my brain off" and I asked her why, and she said "Its really so tight" 8/9/07
  • "sorry your such a looser" *pointer finger used as a puppet - McKenna (5)
  • Grandma Guttery was showing Shayna (4) a picture of me pregnant with her and Grandma said "Thats you inside your mamas belly" and Shayna said "She ate me?"
  • I need some Wotion on my Weggs - Tessa 3
  • Guess what guys? If you put the milk back in the refrigerator it will stay cold. - Kayla 17
  • Kayla - 4/08 Mom said "Its crazy how I have two batches of girls, the older set and the younger" Kayla - "Im glad we could be your test batch"