Monday, January 7, 2008

This is one Holiday decoration/gift that I dont put away until the end of January. I LOVE YOUR CHRISTMAS CARDS!

Nothing like pictures of pictures. Next year I need to rethink where I hang these picture cards.

I took the picture of the cute family with the blue border card below.

I didnt forget about the wedding invites and I even gave them a little more room.

Heres a picture of ours this year - Nothing says Merry Christmas like Aqua Blue and Black.


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What a great idea to take pictures of the cards. That is one of my most favorite parts about that I get mail almost everyday! I always feel so bad tossing them afterwards. One of my friends keeps an album with all the cards she gets each year and then you can see how people change. I think I might do that when I get to taking everything down (hopefully sooner than later):)
Loved your card!

Monkey Pants said...

Wow, you're family is loved! What a blessing!!

Katee said...

Oh my goodness! Those are all different ones? Or did you take pictures of the same ones at different angles to make us think you know that many people? :)

Alvin & Jessica Pease said...

I loved your christmas card. The colors look amazing! you have one goodlooking family!!

MommyRohner said...

They are all so beautiful! You really are loved.

Thanks for the FHE last night. My boys can't get enough of "bishop". He's so patient with them.

The Nichols Family said...

Holy cow! I love getting picture cards...I keep mine in a scrapbook too to see everyone's kids growing up, etc. You guys are so loved! And your card was so cute and original.

Vonda said...

Thats so funny that you are saying we are so loved...... We sent out two hundred cards! Bill made them, so it wasnt too expensive. But there are probably about 100 cards. (so does that mean 1/2 the people we sent cards to DONT love us?) Hope not - cause I Love, love.

Amy John said...

Dang girl!! That is a butt load of cards! We put ours on our back door- lots of room. And I keep all of them every year. The cards are one of my favorite parts! It is the only time of the year where I demand the mail key from Travis, then I don't see the key again till next Christmas!

jana said...

Wow! I saw mine, I saw mine!!! That is a lot of love!

amanda.hall said...

I love Christmas cards too. I wasn't on the ball this year so I didn't send any out. Any chance I could get on your list for next year? =) I saw your card at my parents and I thought it was SO cute. You have such a beautiful family. Your girls are gorgeous (just like their mama).
Anyway... I think Gilbert Pediatrics is the name of the place I take Madden. It is on Pecos and Power. Is that where you go?

Vonda said...

Amanda - I would love to exchange Christmas cards, next year you'll probably have a cute baby girl in your picture with Madden???

Yep, Dr. Guthrie, Leavitt and Auxier are not only the best doctors anywhere, but they are good men that treat your children like they are theirs. We've been going to them for 11 years and will NEVER switch - gotta love their twilight pediatrics!

Jacie said...

We actually had great weather both ways on our drive to Utah. Speaking of Christmas cards... I was a slacker this year so we sent out "New Year's" cards.

Amy John said...

We go to Gilbert Pediatrics too! Love them!

Audycamp said...

I am the same way...mine are all still up too! maybe I'll take pics of mine. good idea. Wow Miss popular..200 cards!! someday I'll have that many friends:)

Vonda said...

Now I have to clarify again. 100 went out to ward members (they are all our friends though) and the other 100 was because we had that great "wedding address list" to pull from. Everyone should put all their addresses on "My Lable" and add to it as the years go by - I guarantee you'll all be in the 1,000's by the time you are as OLD as me. BTW - thanks for all your AMAZING cards - its so fun to look at every day and number you as a good friend - arent we all blessed?

The Nichols Family said...

Ok, I'm in on your get in shape group. When do you all meet? Umm...I know I don't need to lose fat but I need to get in shape in all other areas for sure. When I attend the yoga classes I have to stand by all the old people so my flexibility doesn't look so bad. Ha ha.
-Jennie N.

Vonda said...

Biggest looser is at 8:45 to 9:15 on Monday Morning at Pams house - SOOO glad your coming! (I love skinny girls too)

Kristal said...

Aww, I'm jealous of your biggest loser. I just went to my first WW meeting last night since May...gained 8lbs over December...bah! Still down 13 from this time last year though...sad, I know. I'm losing another 20 in the next 2 months though...for sure! Ok, my favorite of yoru Christmas cards is the black and white of the 2 adorable girls holding a baby! SOO CUTE! And I LOVE that wedding invite that is black and pink by Mel's. Again, SOO CUTE!

Vonda said...

That was Angies and her family IS adorable - You loose quick - You and your Hippenhoppen Abs

Chelsea said...

DANG! You guys are so popular! I sent you the invite, but I don't really trust you, so I went ahead & deleted all of my R-rated content :) We did a blue backround on our card too, I figure its refreshing after all the green & red, right!?

Scott and Erica said...

I had soooo many people comment on what a cute Christmas card yours was! We tape all of our cards on the back of our front door so we get to see them alot and so does everybody else when they leave! I love Christmas cards (with pictures...why send a card if there's no picture? Seriously.) Oh yeah...and I also love love too! wink wink.

Heidi Ann said...

Well aren't you popular! Just think, all those people love you and your family!

Fat & Sassy said...

Hi Guttery's, I know you don't have a clue who I probably am, but I was roaming around in blogland and found you and was so excited to see someone from home. I was born and raised in Holbrook, I was in school between Kathy and Kay. I was a Mc Laws. I have reatives in Joe City, the Westovers. I was beside myself finding you. I hope you don't mind me snooping around your blog. My parents were Jack and Leah Beth McLaws. WOW! You sure get a gob of Christmas cards, you must be very special in a lot of people's lives. Happy New Year!

Fat & Sassy said...

Sorry it's just me again, how funny our youngest son who is 16, his name is Brody. GREAT NAME!

Crystal said...

Wow, so many cards and SO many comments. Really, Vonda you are the belle of the ball.


  • 4/12 Shayna - I said "I really want to buy that table but I dont know where I would put it" (been buying used furniture that I want to redo and its been cluttering up the garage. Shayna said in her sweet inocent voice "you can put it in the garage?"
  • 4/12 - Tessa "Mom, you know what I dont like about mornings? - the sun!"
  • 4/12 - Shayna got her braces a couple of weeks ago and her teeth are starting to go together and she said "Im gonna miss my gap" and she was seriously sad - she wont get to squirt water through her teeth.
  • 3/12 Breea again..... "Mom, I thought it was Lack toesintolerant and I was lacking the toesintolerant, until I read the label"
  • 3/12 Breea was talking about college and she said "In my siriculum (curriculum), I have to take physicology (psychology)"
  • 3/12 - Tessa said - I want to take the "long cut" (instead of the short cut)
  • 3/12 When tucking Shayna and Tessa in Shayna said "You dont have to worry, I set out all your clothes for school tomorrow" - Very Shayna
  • 11/10 When Kayla was little she should always cover her eyes when we went by a graveyard.
  • 4/10 Dont want to forget that Shayna calls the pools water fall a waderfoddle. She also called Aunt Kay, Uncle Kay??? McKenna got grandpa mixed up when she was little and called him "Bunka"
  • 3/10 For some reason, our family forgets the rules to Mexican rummy, shang hi and ALOT of card games, so last Sunday we just delt cards and everyone played whatever rule they wanted. The game lasted about 4 minutes, but we all won!
  • 2/10 I was going to work in Tessas class and she said "Mom, what if you mess up" and I told her I would try not to, but the next thing I know she is asking me if I will pray with her and ask Heavenly Father to help me not mess up. She prayed, and I didnt mess up! (all papers were copied a colated correctly)
  • 3/10 McKenna saying what she liked about Brennon on his Birthday "I like your style and your swager"
  • 12/09 Tessa went to the girls play and said "Willy wonka is hot"
  • 12/09 Kayla has a slight ring worm problem and if you try to hug her she says "OK, but your gonna get all wormy"
  • 12/09 Tessa has been adding Sophia in every prayer including the blessing and this is what she says "Please bless that Sophia will feel better in no time" and her blessing tonight was "Please bless that none of the kids singing on the truck will fall out" - Shes a great prayer
  • 12/09 Tessa said "Mom, I think Im on Santas Bad list" I said "probably not, why are you worried about it?" Tessa "I really dont like coal"
  • 02/09 I asked McKenna if she had taken a shower and she said "I took one, but it didnt work"
  • 11/08 Shayna said "I wish we could have quads like the Poulsens and Jensens, but were too unrich"
  • 10/08 I was bringing Breea home from school and she asked "Can I do my jobs tomorrow? I asked why and she said "If you were to take all the headaches in the world and put them together - thats my headache" DRAMA
  • 10/08 Tessa hands me the camera as we are walking out the door and says "You better take this in case I do something cute"
  • 9/08 Shayna was about 5 and she was giving dad a message and he said "thats a deep tissue message" she said "hold on" and left and came back with toilet paper and stuffed it down his shirt and said "I want to give you a deep tissue message"
  • 8/08 Tessa after hearing some of Kaylas guy friends talk has picked up a new saying "Girls are the devil" - nice.
  • 8/08 As I was carpooling I asked Bailee who she wanted to marry, she said Dallin. Shayna said "Well he is cute mom, no offense"
  • Kayla - She says almost on a daily basis "This will be the last time........" Whether its someone moving, leaving on a mission, the last two weeks before graduation, etc.....
  • Brennon - Whenever he does something he knows we dont like or accidently steps on a toe or runs into someone, he just puts his hand up, smiles and says "high five" You gotta love it
  • Danica - Classic saying "Asians are geneous's"
  • Tessa - 6/08 At the doctors office he was looking in her sore ear and noticed there was still a stitch left in her eyebrow and proceeded to take it out while I was holding her down. She screamed really loud, looked at the doctor and said "I am NOT loving this"
  • Shayna 4/08 She came running in the house, grabed a dress and started heading back out the door to go to Nathaniels baptism. I said "Hey, come back we have to do your hair" She said "No, I dont want to be pretty for Nathaniel" Sure enough, when Bailee and Taryn came over they had their hair perfectly curled, cutest dresses and their shoes matched their dresses (unlike Shaynas)
  • McKenna 4/08 - I had the best dream last night. Mom: What about? McKenna: Snickerdoodles.
  • McKenna and Brennon - 4/08 McKenna: I want to put light blue hightlights in my hair like Klowd 9 - Brennon: I want Lypo.
  • Breea - 4/08 (In a very dramatic manner) "My coach almost killed us today, a few of us threw up, some passed out, she wanted to kill us. I almost threw up."
  • Tessa - 4/08 Talking to Grandma said "The Easter Monster leaves me lipstick under my pillow"
  • Shayna = 4/08 Kayla called from a show but couldnt talk. She said she would call at intermission. Shayna heard me say this and said "Kaylas in her mission?"
  • McKenna - 4/08 "Mom your not fashionable, but you can grow into fashion. It just takes about a month"
  • Kayla - 4/08 Mom said "Its crazy how I have two batches of girls, the older set and the younger" Kayla - "Im glad we could be your test batch"
  • Tessa 4/08 "Brodey - Lets get this party started"
  • Shayna 3/08 I asked her what she did at the gym daycare center she said "I just cleaned things and organized them"
  • Breea 3/08 While saying a prayer at Grandma and Grandpa Hatchs, she says "Bless the Hatchs". Her grandparents were wondering if she even knew she was their granddaughter.
  • McKenna 2/08 Mom, dont buy meat or sugar, Im turning vetrenarian.
  • Tessa 2/08 Mom: Tessa, your such a good girl. Tessa: I dont say stupid or do bad sings.
  • Tessa 1/08 - She was getting chewed on by the puppy and she was half-laughing saying "Are you evil or not evil?"
  • Shayna (6 years old) - She was mesaging dads back and he said "little harder, I need a deep tissue rub" So she went into the bathroom and got a handfull of toilet paper and stuffed down his shirt (deep tissue)
  • Shayna, 11/12/07 Mom: Shayna, say your prayers and thank Heavenly Father for all your blessings. Shayna (super tired): Thats so much. Do I have to thank him for ALL of them right now?
  • Some of our favorite word to call each other when gas is passed: POOPER MCGOOPER, FARTER MCGARTER, FLUFFER MCGUFFER, CRAPPER MCGRAPPER, AND TOOTER MCGOOTER
  • Danica (2) Yepadottado
  • Tessa (3) "Mom, I luz you and you luz me - weez luverz"
  • Tessa (3) - "Youz fweekn naughty" Mom "Who taught you that?" Tess "yo mom" (Thanks older sisters)
  • Breea 3 years - We have lots of gerds in our famie.
  • Tessa 2 years - Yoooz funny!
  • Tessa would often take off her shoes at church and when we asked her why she kept taking them off she said "my feet are grumpy". I guess it was better than Shayna at that age not wearing underwear to church (many times) We finally had to start doing panty checks before church.
  • Tessa (3) thirteen, fourteen, five-teen
  • McKenna (10 in a couple of weeks) - Mom, please let me go in with you. Mom - why. Mckenna - I saw a sign that said "criminal on the loose" Mom - I promise not to go in, I'll just talk to her at the door. McKenna - Im gonna roll down my window and watch you *tears bubbling up in her eyes. Mom to friend - Is there a sign that says "criminal on the loose" in your neighborhood? Friend - No, just "crime watch" neighborhood sign.
  • Kip, Kip, Kurray!
  • Tessa said "Can you take my brain off" and I asked her why, and she said "Its really so tight" 8/9/07
  • "sorry your such a looser" *pointer finger used as a puppet - McKenna (5)
  • Grandma Guttery was showing Shayna (4) a picture of me pregnant with her and Grandma said "Thats you inside your mamas belly" and Shayna said "She ate me?"
  • I need some Wotion on my Weggs - Tessa 3
  • Guess what guys? If you put the milk back in the refrigerator it will stay cold. - Kayla 17
  • Kayla - 4/08 Mom said "Its crazy how I have two batches of girls, the older set and the younger" Kayla - "Im glad we could be your test batch"