Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I found a great new way of blogging!

This is all about Kristal, in fact she wrote it.....

On her blog about my mom and dad.......

A piece of history should be shared with all the family......

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

About Me Tuesday
Ok, today's lesson in Kristal 101 goes back to the roots. We're going to find out why she's the way she is. An interview with pa n ma. We'll start with Ma. Interviewer: Ma, where did you come up with the name Kristal?Ma:Well I was trying to find something, this doesn't make any sense at all, i was trying to find something, i wanted Chanda, but I had a cousin Chanda, I wanted it to end in A, you know. We were all takin about it, and one of the girls said, "let's name her Kristal". We all liked it. I wanted it to be a bit different so we spelled it with a K and an i.Interviewer: Nice. Ma, when Kristal was a kid, what is the worst crime you remember her committing?Ma: You guess! The evidence is still there!!!Interviewer: I can only assume you are talking about the BEAUTIFUL castle/horse fingernail polish painting on your bathroom wall, that you just can't take off because it's mesmerizing?Ma: Yes Interviewer: Ma, we all know Kristal wasn't your average teenager and you tried and tried to make her go shopping at the mall for "normal" girl clothes, but how else was raising Kristal different from raising those other 4 girls?Ma: BIG PAUSE. I do'n know it's hard to pinpoint, um, because she had the talent in every aspect of the other girls. She was good at piano, probably equal to Paula, as good at sports at tamee, but she just didn't want to do it. And to me that was flusterating. She could have been anything in student body and she didn't do that. She tried my patience, but uhhh, it was a learning experience for me. I had to learn to let her be herself and shop at her thrift stores. I wanted to go to ball games, i wanted to go to concerts, i wanted to go to the mall. Savers wasn't my favorite place to shop. I couldn't stand the smell!Interviewer: The smell, hmmmm...Ok, now we'd like to see if she gets a few of her wacky traits from, um, you. When you were a child what was one of the worst crimes you committed?Ma: I don't want to tell you. I guess the one that sticks out in my mind is, I would go down, my dad would send me down to Nicks market to get meat for the cafe, and i would have to sit and wait for HOURS, literally hours for him to get the meat ready and I'd get bored and I'd walk around the store. And uh, i went by the chocolate chips and somebody opened the package, so I ate some, and they caught me, and they thought I had opened them.Interviewer: Oh, heaven forbid YOU open them...sitting there eating them.Ma:. And uh, they called my dad, and they told my dad to come and get me and I had to apologize and pay for the bag of chips, and I never did that again, no matter how hungry I was.Interviewer: Wow, that's a heavy crime.As we all know, you were the Rodeo Queen for a few years, so you must have had lots of men folk a knock in, when was it that you met Mr. Hatch?Ma: First?Interviewer:yes Ma: He noticed me before I noticed him. It was my sophomore year of school. And I don't remember what season of the year it was.Interviewer: What made you fall in love? Oh, and please don't say kissing, I like to think you two don't do that.Ma: It was! (chuckles), well, I don't think it was the kissing. I remember now what happened. We were going to St. Johns to a ball game and uh, he was playing, it was basketball and on the bus this girl told me, "that Paul Hatch is a great kisser" and I said, "oh really?", and so uh, after the game I talked to him and went home with him, and checked it out for myself.Interviewer: Naughty Naughty! Now we all know where Tamee and Vonda get it from. Can you recall one of your first dates with pa?Ma:Yeah, I think we went to love lake with a group of kids. Uh, I just remember going up there. We danced to our car radios. I think we did something, like a party. i can't quite remember.Interviewer:Is it true that you eloped the night of your HS graduation?Ma: Very (no elaboration)Interviewer: Who's your favorite daughter?Ma: Ahhh I AM NOT goin to answer that!Interviewer: Alright, well, it's been a real treat talkin with you today, now can you go make up a nice lunch and change the baby?
And now we'll talk with the infamous Mr. Paul D. Hatch.
Interviewer: Thank you for taking time out of your computer poker schedule to take this interview. I'd like to start out with a fact that you start out most of your conversations with, you were voted "most cool" in your graduating HS class. Why do you think that was?
Pa: I think you only need to look at the yearbook pictures to understand why I would be the coolest guy in the class.
Interviewer: Did it have anything to do with the fact that you had ma on your arm?Pa: She was only on one arm... But it did help..
Interviewer: Other than blowing up every bridge in Navajo County, consequently knocking out people's windows...with dynamite, what is your worst crime as a youngster?
Pa: I was mostly in church reading scriptures as a youth, but the unauthorized taking of apples/sugar cane and watermelons along with knocking out an occasional street light would rank at the top.
Interviewer: What first caught your eye about ma? (keep it clean)
Pa: booty
Interviewer: I can not believe you just said that. On to our next questions...What was one of the funnest pre children moments you remember with ma?
Pa: When we were in Vegas to get married and her getting a bit too friendly with a black car wash attendant.
Interviewer:Nothing to do with him being black though...we love other races...(i have to throw that in so Jase doesn't feel like he's the least favorite son in aw for being arab...it's because he is anti coke) Now let's get down to the nitty gritty, you asked this beautiful YOUNG lady to run away to Vegas with you the NIGHT of her HS graduation...knowing that her parents thought VERY little of you and would NOT approve. Do you feel good about this decision?
Pa: In retrospect........... absolutely!
Interviewer: If one of your own children would have done this...say if Kristal would have eloped the night of her HS graduation with that ugly ole Holbrook boy, what then?
Pa: That is an entirely different circumstance.. don't even go there.
Interviewer: Yeah, um, ok, whatever. Well, that just about wraps up this session of About Me. One last question. who's your favorite daughter?
Pa: I refuse to answer on self incrimination grounds.... But I do have five that I am extremely fond of..Interviewer: Lame.Obviously they are 2 awesome parents, and what could come of that...that's right, awesome kids.
And there you have it, the not so literal making of Kristal D (for Dang Cool) Hatch...later to be Mulder.
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mommyx5 said...

You are a great thief!!! What a fun post:):)

Vonda said...

Yep, I think I will steal Kristals every day, she's the good blogger. I need a couple of years of practice, until then, thanks Kristal.

Jen said...

Girl, that is beautiful. I wish I had some extra time to write something like that. Why don't you just do one for me too? I like looking at your blog -- it catches me up on everything you're doing. But it makes me a little sad too because I'm so far away from you and we hardly ever see each other any more. This is why we absolutely must must MUST get together ASAP for our box dinner. I know you're going to Cali next week, but we have to get a date pinned down for sure. April and I talked about the 4th or the 6th, I think. What works for you? And if you want to go to Paradise Bakery, I would be all to happy to go and join you in a few coconut chocolate chip cookies. Those are my favorite cookies too! ;-)

Vonda said...

You do understand that I didnt write this post - I STOLE it from Kristals blog. I know, once again, a criminal. Im sorry about next week, I emailed you or wrote on your blog that Im off to San Diego the 1st through the 7th - Whoot Whoot! I felt the urgency to have a box dinner this week, but we couldnt all swing it:(

I hope the following week we can put on our calander, not to be tampered with - whatcha say?

Paula said...

You steal wonderful stuff, sister V and you write wonderful stuff, sister K and I only comment on wonderful stuff (sister P). I too wish I was hanging with ma and pa. There's no place I'd rather be. Any for the record, I don't know about this box thing of which you speak, but if I were to come up with another shape, say for instance a cube or a cylinder, maybe I could have lunch with someone...think about it and LMK...

Kristal Mulder said...

yeah, how about a hexagon and kick a few more cool gals in that box of yours?!
And yes, it's easy to write good stuff when you include dad in it. You guys should have seen mom when I asked her about raising me. She was seeming a bit mad at first, then she acted like she was going to cry. I was placed on this earth to be her burder. Sad.

Vonda said...

No matter what shape you choose, you can always have lunch with me. In fact, why dont you start coming over every day for lunch - seriously would look forward to it! But Im not sure its the "shape" box or the idea of what ever we say stays in the box, close the lid, lock it up and throw away the key, if you know what I mean.

Vonda said...

Crazy, cuz when we talk about having you later in their lives, she talks about how happy it made her to have another girls to raize and keep her young.

You might be a burden now? lol

Kristal Mulder said...

No I love beign a shape...other than the round one that I am alone.


  • 4/12 Shayna - I said "I really want to buy that table but I dont know where I would put it" (been buying used furniture that I want to redo and its been cluttering up the garage. Shayna said in her sweet inocent voice "you can put it in the garage?"
  • 4/12 - Tessa "Mom, you know what I dont like about mornings? - the sun!"
  • 4/12 - Shayna got her braces a couple of weeks ago and her teeth are starting to go together and she said "Im gonna miss my gap" and she was seriously sad - she wont get to squirt water through her teeth.
  • 3/12 Breea again..... "Mom, I thought it was Lack toesintolerant and I was lacking the toesintolerant, until I read the label"
  • 3/12 Breea was talking about college and she said "In my siriculum (curriculum), I have to take physicology (psychology)"
  • 3/12 - Tessa said - I want to take the "long cut" (instead of the short cut)
  • 3/12 When tucking Shayna and Tessa in Shayna said "You dont have to worry, I set out all your clothes for school tomorrow" - Very Shayna
  • 11/10 When Kayla was little she should always cover her eyes when we went by a graveyard.
  • 4/10 Dont want to forget that Shayna calls the pools water fall a waderfoddle. She also called Aunt Kay, Uncle Kay??? McKenna got grandpa mixed up when she was little and called him "Bunka"
  • 3/10 For some reason, our family forgets the rules to Mexican rummy, shang hi and ALOT of card games, so last Sunday we just delt cards and everyone played whatever rule they wanted. The game lasted about 4 minutes, but we all won!
  • 2/10 I was going to work in Tessas class and she said "Mom, what if you mess up" and I told her I would try not to, but the next thing I know she is asking me if I will pray with her and ask Heavenly Father to help me not mess up. She prayed, and I didnt mess up! (all papers were copied a colated correctly)
  • 3/10 McKenna saying what she liked about Brennon on his Birthday "I like your style and your swager"
  • 12/09 Tessa went to the girls play and said "Willy wonka is hot"
  • 12/09 Kayla has a slight ring worm problem and if you try to hug her she says "OK, but your gonna get all wormy"
  • 12/09 Tessa has been adding Sophia in every prayer including the blessing and this is what she says "Please bless that Sophia will feel better in no time" and her blessing tonight was "Please bless that none of the kids singing on the truck will fall out" - Shes a great prayer
  • 12/09 Tessa said "Mom, I think Im on Santas Bad list" I said "probably not, why are you worried about it?" Tessa "I really dont like coal"
  • 02/09 I asked McKenna if she had taken a shower and she said "I took one, but it didnt work"
  • 11/08 Shayna said "I wish we could have quads like the Poulsens and Jensens, but were too unrich"
  • 10/08 I was bringing Breea home from school and she asked "Can I do my jobs tomorrow? I asked why and she said "If you were to take all the headaches in the world and put them together - thats my headache" DRAMA
  • 10/08 Tessa hands me the camera as we are walking out the door and says "You better take this in case I do something cute"
  • 9/08 Shayna was about 5 and she was giving dad a message and he said "thats a deep tissue message" she said "hold on" and left and came back with toilet paper and stuffed it down his shirt and said "I want to give you a deep tissue message"
  • 8/08 Tessa after hearing some of Kaylas guy friends talk has picked up a new saying "Girls are the devil" - nice.
  • 8/08 As I was carpooling I asked Bailee who she wanted to marry, she said Dallin. Shayna said "Well he is cute mom, no offense"
  • Kayla - She says almost on a daily basis "This will be the last time........" Whether its someone moving, leaving on a mission, the last two weeks before graduation, etc.....
  • Brennon - Whenever he does something he knows we dont like or accidently steps on a toe or runs into someone, he just puts his hand up, smiles and says "high five" You gotta love it
  • Danica - Classic saying "Asians are geneous's"
  • Tessa - 6/08 At the doctors office he was looking in her sore ear and noticed there was still a stitch left in her eyebrow and proceeded to take it out while I was holding her down. She screamed really loud, looked at the doctor and said "I am NOT loving this"
  • Shayna 4/08 She came running in the house, grabed a dress and started heading back out the door to go to Nathaniels baptism. I said "Hey, come back we have to do your hair" She said "No, I dont want to be pretty for Nathaniel" Sure enough, when Bailee and Taryn came over they had their hair perfectly curled, cutest dresses and their shoes matched their dresses (unlike Shaynas)
  • McKenna 4/08 - I had the best dream last night. Mom: What about? McKenna: Snickerdoodles.
  • McKenna and Brennon - 4/08 McKenna: I want to put light blue hightlights in my hair like Klowd 9 - Brennon: I want Lypo.
  • Breea - 4/08 (In a very dramatic manner) "My coach almost killed us today, a few of us threw up, some passed out, she wanted to kill us. I almost threw up."
  • Tessa - 4/08 Talking to Grandma said "The Easter Monster leaves me lipstick under my pillow"
  • Shayna = 4/08 Kayla called from a show but couldnt talk. She said she would call at intermission. Shayna heard me say this and said "Kaylas in her mission?"
  • McKenna - 4/08 "Mom your not fashionable, but you can grow into fashion. It just takes about a month"
  • Kayla - 4/08 Mom said "Its crazy how I have two batches of girls, the older set and the younger" Kayla - "Im glad we could be your test batch"
  • Tessa 4/08 "Brodey - Lets get this party started"
  • Shayna 3/08 I asked her what she did at the gym daycare center she said "I just cleaned things and organized them"
  • Breea 3/08 While saying a prayer at Grandma and Grandpa Hatchs, she says "Bless the Hatchs". Her grandparents were wondering if she even knew she was their granddaughter.
  • McKenna 2/08 Mom, dont buy meat or sugar, Im turning vetrenarian.
  • Tessa 2/08 Mom: Tessa, your such a good girl. Tessa: I dont say stupid or do bad sings.
  • Tessa 1/08 - She was getting chewed on by the puppy and she was half-laughing saying "Are you evil or not evil?"
  • Shayna (6 years old) - She was mesaging dads back and he said "little harder, I need a deep tissue rub" So she went into the bathroom and got a handfull of toilet paper and stuffed down his shirt (deep tissue)
  • Shayna, 11/12/07 Mom: Shayna, say your prayers and thank Heavenly Father for all your blessings. Shayna (super tired): Thats so much. Do I have to thank him for ALL of them right now?
  • Some of our favorite word to call each other when gas is passed: POOPER MCGOOPER, FARTER MCGARTER, FLUFFER MCGUFFER, CRAPPER MCGRAPPER, AND TOOTER MCGOOTER
  • Danica (2) Yepadottado
  • Tessa (3) "Mom, I luz you and you luz me - weez luverz"
  • Tessa (3) - "Youz fweekn naughty" Mom "Who taught you that?" Tess "yo mom" (Thanks older sisters)
  • Breea 3 years - We have lots of gerds in our famie.
  • Tessa 2 years - Yoooz funny!
  • Tessa would often take off her shoes at church and when we asked her why she kept taking them off she said "my feet are grumpy". I guess it was better than Shayna at that age not wearing underwear to church (many times) We finally had to start doing panty checks before church.
  • Tessa (3) thirteen, fourteen, five-teen
  • McKenna (10 in a couple of weeks) - Mom, please let me go in with you. Mom - why. Mckenna - I saw a sign that said "criminal on the loose" Mom - I promise not to go in, I'll just talk to her at the door. McKenna - Im gonna roll down my window and watch you *tears bubbling up in her eyes. Mom to friend - Is there a sign that says "criminal on the loose" in your neighborhood? Friend - No, just "crime watch" neighborhood sign.
  • Kip, Kip, Kurray!
  • Tessa said "Can you take my brain off" and I asked her why, and she said "Its really so tight" 8/9/07
  • "sorry your such a looser" *pointer finger used as a puppet - McKenna (5)
  • Grandma Guttery was showing Shayna (4) a picture of me pregnant with her and Grandma said "Thats you inside your mamas belly" and Shayna said "She ate me?"
  • I need some Wotion on my Weggs - Tessa 3
  • Guess what guys? If you put the milk back in the refrigerator it will stay cold. - Kayla 17
  • Kayla - 4/08 Mom said "Its crazy how I have two batches of girls, the older set and the younger" Kayla - "Im glad we could be your test batch"